More capacity for DeltaV

Fisher-Rosemount has released DeltaV Version 5.3, which is designed to increase system capacity to 30,000 I/O.

Included in this release is new advanced control applications and extensive batch functionality enhancements.

The Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV 5.0 release doubled the capability of the key control platform, operating within the PlantWeb field-based architecture for process automation. With the v5.3 release, up to 60 workstations and 100 controllers can be connected to the system, plus remote workstations, satellite links, dial-up connections and microwave links, to provide real time access to system information from any part of the world, without impacting system performance.

This DeltaV release includes control enhancements spanning fuzzy logic, control loop tuning, control performance monitoring, and model predictive control. DeltaV Tune functionality is also added, enhanced with new loop simulation and stability analysis allowing users to adjust tuning parameters for optimum performance and stability. Additional filtering and sorting options make it easier than ever to identify and correct control loop performance problems to improve process performance, says the company.

Significant batch enhancements in the Version 5.3 release include support for both running batches in campaign and enhancements focussed to support FDA Regulations in 21 CFR Part 11. Version 5.3 release also expands the DeltaV system’s built-for-bus architecture with two new high speed discrete I/O busses, Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) Bus and Profibus-DP. These new busses enhance the range of automation applications the DeltaV system can address.

‘The DeltaV system is widely recognised as the technology leader in our industry,’ said Travis Hesketh, sales director for Fisher-Rosemount in the UK. ‘Since the DeltaV introduction in 1996, we have introduced more system capacity and functionality in a shorter time than any other automation system supplier has ever achieved. Our plan is to aggressively expand the capabilities of the DeltaV system to provide our customers with the best. They are realising the business advantage and cost savings that flow from the use of PlantWeb, Asset Management Solutions software and DeltaV automation systems.’