More than 1,300 engineering jobs under threat at BAE

BAE Systems looks set to shed 1,307 positions across six of its sites and two RAF bases.

The company said in a statement that the potential job losses follow a review of the business in the wake of October’s Strategic Defence and Security Review, which saw the cancellation of the Nimrod programme and the withdrawal of the Harrier fleet.

At Farnborough and RAF Cottesmore a total of 341 jobs are under threat following the early withdrawal from service of the Harrier fleet.

Chadderton, Prestwick, Yeovil and RAF Kinloss could see 179 job losses associated with the cancellation of the Nimrod MRA4 programme.

Cancellation of work on Nimrod and Harrier aircraft impacts Samlesbury and Warton where 787 positions are threatened.

Martin Wright, chief executive of the North West Aerospace Alliance, said: ‘The loss of these jobs in a region dependent on manufacture is extremely serious, and will be felt throughout the supply chain and into the economy of the region.

‘Advanced engineering jobs are a prized asset, as they create true wealth and are difficult to replace. This is high-value engineering which adds to knowledge creation through R&D and manufacturing development.

‘Defence is also a major component of the high-value exports of this country and any loss of the skills base will damage our future.’

Potential job losses:

• 79 at Chadderton, Greater Manchester

• 214 at Farnborough, Hampshire

• 55 at Prestwick in Ayrshire

• 119 at Samlesbury, Lancashire

• 668 at Warton, Lancashire

• 15 at Yeovil, Somerset

• 127 at RAF Cottesmore, Rutland

• 30 at RAF Kinloss, Moray

Source: BAE Systems