Motorola create ultimate viewing experience

Motorola Labs researchers believe they have discovered the key to what could be the ultimate video viewing experience by announcing that they are the first to successfully combine 3D video and panoramic video.

The result, which the company is calling Virtual Video Reality, won’t just improve the entertainment experience for viewers; it will place them right in the middle of the action and allow them to control the view they see in the 360-degree panorama.

The system consists of video and audio capture equipment and offline processing.

The one-of-a-kind 32-camera system developed by Motorola Labs is said to be capable of recording stereoscopic video in 360 degrees while a microphone on top of the mobile system captures the acoustic field.

The panoramic source material is processed offline and algorithms developed by Motorola Labs enables a parallel processing system to generate the final stereoscopic panorama.

A user, wearing headgear that includes a display and motion tracker, is immersed into a virtual video world with the ability to pan 360 degrees to view the entire scene in 3D and control the view direction.

Integrated audio, under development within the Acoustic Technology Centre of Motorola’s Personal Communications Sector, will allow the user to experience the acoustic environment in the same way.

According to Motorola, rich multimedia will be critical to future electronic products, particularly as the industry moves toward next generation wireless communications, which will enable such services as video-on-demand and streaming video to cell phones.

‘This is still a lab project with a great deal of research to do, but we believe that Virtual Video Reality has the potential to begin reaching consumers in the next five years” said Steve Levine, director of information processing and communications, Motorola Labs.

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