Motorola sells life sciences business for $20 million

Amersham has announced the acquisition of Motorola Life Science’s CodeLink pre-arrayed slides business for $20 million, which includes the assumption of certain liabilities.

The microarray market, estimated to be worth over $500 million, is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the life sciences field, with annual growth of 20 per cent.

Arrays are chips, or small slides onto which genes and proteins are placed. They are used to study how genes or proteins are ‘expressed’ – switched on or switched off – in a particular disease state, so that researchers may understand the relationship between gene or protein function to disease and thus design better therapeutic drugs and diagnostic tests.

The Motorola CodeLink platform is based on a patented manufacturing process that produces arrays with better sensitivity, reproducibility and more useable data points.

Similar products today are most commonly used for studying gene expression, but a significant opportunity is said to exist for broadening this into applications for SNP analysis and protein research, and clinical diagnostics.

Motorola management made the decision to exit the bioarray research market as part of its restructuring to focus on its core strategic businesses.