Motors have integrated electronics

Crouzet has introduced a new generation of brushless DC motors available in 30W or 90W versions that feature fully integrated electronic control.

Two versions of the motor are available. One has integrated speed regulation for constant load applications, the other an integrated speed loop to maintain constant speed as the load varies. Hall effect sensors mounted adjacent to the rotor feed back rotor position, speed and direction to the controller.

The built-in electronic control card provides an interface with inputs for on/off, direction of rotation, 0-10V dc speed control, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and encoder output. Motor temperature and supply current are monitored and if a fault condition occurs, the motor is automatically shut down.

The motors are particularly suitable for high technology applications including medical equipment such as dialysis equipment and respirators, commercial copiers, postal and bank processing systems, and packaging/automated handling systems.

They can be supplied for direct drive or with a range of integrated, offset and planetary gearboxes to give the output speed and torque required.

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