Motorsport machining

Motorsport engineering firm, BERU f1systems, has set up a new machining centre to improve efficiency and increase its development capabilities.

The centre will feature the DMU 50/70 eVo linear – a five-axis machine, which will be used for accurate in-house and subcontract composite machining for the motorsport, automotive and aerospace industries.

John Bailey, managing director of BERU f1systems, said: ‘Following the success of our new composites centre we wanted a similar set-up for machining. For future aerospace and our Factor 001bicycle programmes, we require high levels of accuracy and an increasing volume of machined components in a range of materials.’

The Norfolk-based company hopes that in addition to increasing capacity, the centre will provide engineers with the opportunity to experiment and try ideas that may not have been subcontracted.

Bailey said: ‘If we have an idea, getting a first working part is quicker and we can assess feasibility. It will deliver a competitive advantage internally and to our customers. This has been demonstrated with a recent project requiring machined PEEK housings.’

The firm has recorded growing demand from both internal customers and subcontractors and predicts this trend to continue despite the current economic climate.

Bailey added: ‘We hope that in 12 months’ time we are looking at having two of the machines running. Our own demand is growing and the high speed and accuracy of this machine is very attractive to customers.’