A new ceramic casting material made of aluminium and silicon oxides from Elring Klinger gives safe and economical heat protection in high temperatures, with a long term tolerance of up to 1000 degrees C. Elrotherm C was introduced at this year’s Hannover Fair. Its makers say that it can be used to make customised moulded parts for heat shielding, even parts that have extremely complex countours.

Elring Klinger has specialised in providing shielding systems which reduce thermal demands on sensitive components, especially in vehicle engine compartments and exhaust systems and in areas such as chemical factories and power plants.

Because it is easy to handle, this material has a promising market in prototyping too. Generating a production series, small or large, is fast and economical, since only low die costs are involved. Semi-finished products can be mechanically processed by using conventional processing machines. Even drilling and tapping can be done with standard tools.

Foamed moulded parts are also an option, as is a compact variant for use under heavy mechanical demands. They are made to fit the exact dimension of hot components, in any shape, even without undercuts. Because the self-hardening material will take any desired shape, existing cavities, such as those in doors, can be filled with Elrotherm C, for fire protection.

Figure 1: New ceramic casting material gives high temperature protection and can be moulded into almost any shape. Both the compact and foam versions are shown

Figure 2: Heat resistant Elrotherm C moulded parts (half shell construction), for insulation of a truck exhaust manifold

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