Mounting of MCBs simplified

Moeller Electric has developed a new range of variable commoning busbars specifically aimed at making its range of miniature circuit breakers and accessories much simpler to mount.

The commoning busbars allow users to put together any combination of Moeller FAZ miniature circuit breakers and FIP residual current protective circuit breakers, together with a wide range of accessories. The protective devices are housed in enclosures that utilise proven combination box terminals at both sides and, as well as the busbars, allow wiring to incoming cables of up to 25mm2.

The FAZ/FP-XVS commoning busbar system is based upon individual fork connectors assigned to a specific phase by their length and angle. Delivered with springs, engineers simply have to screw these extension terminals to each pole, plug one busbar per phase onto the contact springs, and put the plastic cover on – and that’s all there is to it.

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