Multi-fuel testing agreement

Low-cost hydrogen technology developer ITM Power has signed a contract with Greenpower Bi-Fuels to collaborate on testing hydrogen/diesel bi-fuel technology.

Saffron-Walden based ITM is investigating the impact of hydrogen injection into diesel fuelling systems. Under the terms of the contract, Bi-Fuels will develop and test technologies for hydrogen diesel co-combustion in common-rail engines for ITM that work with ITM’s proprietary materials and processes.

Jim Heathcote, CEO of ITM Power, said: ‘The collaboration with Bi-Fuels will enable ITM to accelerate its investigation of hydrogen/diesel bi-fuel technology, which is another area of commercial potential for ITM’s intellectual property and expertise.’

ITM Power has developed new materials and processes that dramatically reduce the cost of fuel cells and electrolysers. The company claims its patented membrane materials have higher performance and are one per cent of the cost of the industry standard materials.

Stockport-based Bi-Fuels is a multi-fuelling specialist which has developed and patented electronic technology that allows diesel engines to control, and co-combust, two or more fuels simultaneously.