Multibrid invests in offshore windmills

The German Multibrid Entwicklungsgesellschaft has awarded Aker Kvaerner a contract for the procurement and construction of 13 steel-tripod substructures and piles for Multibrid’s M5000 offshore windmills.

Six of the windmills will be installed 45km off the coast of Germany at the offshore test field Alpha Ventus, and seven will be installed 6km off the Normandy cost of France at the Côte d’Albâtre project.

Under the contract, Aker Kvaerner Verdal will be responsible for procuring materials, rolling tubulars and construction until seafastening onto a transport vessel. The substructures will be installed at a water depth of 30m, with each one measuring 45m tall and weighing 700 tonnes.

The structures will comprise of Multibrid’s M5000 wind turbines, which are capable of supplying 5,000KW power each. In total, all the turbines will supply enough energy to power 80,000 four-person households. According to Aker Kvaerner, the M5000 was designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment with components such as a sophisticated air treatment system.

Rolling of tubulars will start in November, and the first six substructures are scheduled for delivery in July 2008 and the remaining seven in September 2008.