Multichannel voltage and current monitor complies with SSI

Analog Devices has introduced a multichannel voltage and current monitor that complies with the Server System Infrastructure standard for servers.

Analog Devices has introduced a multichannel voltage and current monitor with an integrated thermal management controller and on-chip EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) that complies with the SSI (Server System Infrastructure) standard for servers.

A distinguishing feature of the ADM1040 is that all power supply monitoring and control capabilities previously found in discrete designs are now embedded in a single chip. This integrated solution reduces board area by at least 100 percent and negates the need to resort to external discrete components to do the same task.

The ADM1040 holds the distinction of being the first power supply management system designated for use in SSI-compliant redundant power supply systems- for both individual power supply and power distribution board systems.

The SSI standard for servers is sponsored by premier server OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and computer industry suppliers, such as Intel. The SSI Promoters’ Council is primarily charged with enabling faster time-to-market for new server designs through the development of standard specifications for common, yet primary, server system infrastructure elements, like power supplies and converters. Currently, the SSI Promoters’ Council is involved in delivering a set of specifications for electronic bays and follow-on power supplies.

The ADM1040 capabilities include monitoring analog voltages, load currents, temperature and automatic cooling fan speeds, as well as various digital status signals. An on-chip digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provides an analog output for fan speed control. Among its other features are 240VA fault protection; shutdown output for overtemperature; 512 bytes of on-chip EEPROM; and the ability to read measured values out via an integrated interface channel serial system management bus (SMBus).

Both an external EEPROM and microcontroller are unnecessary since control is accomplished on the motherboard management platform controller via the SMBus. In addition, the serial interface makes the ADM1040 suitable for a variety of applications, including network servers and personal computers, microprocessor-based office equipment, and test equipment and measurement instruments.

The ADM1040 is priced under $2.50 for OEMs in 1,000-piece quantities, and is available in 24-lead TSSOPs (Thin Shrink Small Outline Packages).