Multicrystalline wafer deal

PV Crystalox Solar has signed a contract with Intel spin-off SpectraWatt to supply multicrystalline wafers with a total output of 125MW during the period 2009 -2013. Financial details have not been disclosed.

SpectraWatt’s activities will focus on advanced solar cell technologies and look at ways of improving current manufacturing processes and capabilities to reduce the cost of photovoltaic energy generation.

PV Crystalox Solar is a specialised supplier to international solar cell manufacturers, producing multicrystalline silicon ingots and wafers for use in solar electricity generation systems at its facility in Oxfordshire. It was one of the first companies to develop multicrystalline technology on an industrial scale.

The majority of the company’s output is currently shipped to Japan, where it is sold either as ingots or as wafers after processing by a sub-contractor. The balance of its output is processed into wafers at the company’s German facility for European customers.