Multiplexers synchronize acquisition of many optical strain gages

HBM has launched two multiplexers for optical strain gages enabling synchronized acquisition of up to 320 measuring points. The M408 multiplexer acquires data from eight measurement chains while the M416 acquires data from 16 measurement chains. Between ten and 20 optical sensors can be connected to each measurement chain.

Optical strain gages have several advantages over traditional models as they are comparatively easy to connect because several sensors are output through the same fiber. In addition data transmission over long distances is possible without any problems.

By utilizing multipoint measurement technology with optical strain gages installation time and costs are reduced. By using HBM‘s latest multiplexers the data acquisition of all measuring points can be synchronized in real time.

Typical multiplexer applications for optical multipoint measurement technology are found in structural analysis. Examples include shipbuilding, wind power stations, aerospace and civil engineering.

Optical strain gages are an ideal solution for experimental stress analysis in harsh conditions such as potentially explosive atmospheres or where electromagnetic interference might be a problem.

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