Multiplicom raise €5.5m to improve diagnostic testing

Multiplicom, a Belgian start-up that specialises in molecular diagnostics, has raised €5.5m from a group of sciences investors.

Multiplicom will use the funding to develop further diagnostic tests, fund international validation studies and expand its European sales channels.

Multiplicom’s genetic tests make it possible to identify an increased genetic risk of developing a disease, identify congenital defects at an early stage, or identify the most suitable therapy for patients. It also gives clinical genetics labs the option to explore the latest generation of personalised medicine in an affordable way.

In 2012, Multiplicom was the first business in Europe to be awarded CE certification for its test to detect genetic defects that might indicate an increased risk of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. The company is also continually working on the development of tests for other conditions.

For research applications, Multiplicom is already selling kits for cystic fibrosis, bowel cancer, heart failure, kidney disease and muscle disease. Also in 2013, Multiplicom is planning the introduction of a new series of kits that can detect DNA mutations in cancerous tissue. Consulting physicians can use the information obtained to select the most appropriate therapy for their patient.