My kingdom for bearing

The horsedrawn Omnibus, The Shakespearean, conveys tourists on historic tours of Stratford-upon-Avon. But alas one Saturday morning the wheel bearing did collapse and verily the merry folk did look less kindly upon the tour. until the good company Wyco Industrial Distribution entered left, for it was within their power to supply a complete range of power transmission products and services. And the match of the bearing which was available over the counter was alike to two peas in a pod. And Mr Warwick Aldersley who had laboured hard at the restoration of the Shakespearean was justly pleased, `Delighted that the staff at WID had the expertise to specify a complete product straight away and were able to supply the unit there and then.’ The stub axles on The Shakespearean were modified in the 1940s to accommodate two roller bearings. WID was able to match one of these with its own range of specialised bearing products.