Napier meets China on biofuel

Napier University has signed an agreement with Chinese consortium Breeze Global to further the development of second-generation biofuel from waste products.

NapierUniversity’s principal and vice chancellor Professor Joan Stringer and the Biofuel Research Centre’s director Dr Martin Tangney have been involved in talks with Breeze Global’s Dr Hong-Hoi Ting.

The Biofuel Research Centre is committed to researching and developing second-generation biofuel from a potentially diverse range of non-food crops and waste matter.

Dr Tangney has already secured £500,000 in research funding to study biofuel and has established the centre to act as a portal between industry, government, academia and the public.
He said: ‘This collaboration will focus on working closely with local partners in the research and development of new technologies and microbial strains related to the biological processing of local biowastes for production of biofuel.’

Dr Tangney is also taking part in the British Council’s 60th anniversary dialogue series in China, where he will be speaking in a discussion on the status of traditional energy sources and also looking at the exploration of new biofuel.

Prof Joan Stringer added: ‘Sustainability is a hugely relevant issue and one of Napier’s highest priorities. Our Biofuel Research Centre not only shows our commitment to this, but also our dedication to leading new areas of research, in line with our vision of being one of the UK’s best modern universities.’