NASA awards BAE Systems $20 million

BAE Systems has received a $20 million contract to design the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite, a new atmospheric sounding/coastal water imaging instrument for NASA.

BAE Systems has received a $20 million NASA contract to design a new atmospheric sounding/coastal water-imaging instrument. BAE Systems is one of three companies that will formulate designs. NASA will later select the winning design to be built and fly on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES).

Called the Hyperspectral Environmental Suite (HES), the instrument will sense from orbit the temperature and water vapour profiles in the earth’s atmosphere. The new sensor suite will also monitor the world’s coastal environment.

During the two-year contract, BAE Systems Information and Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS) will assist the US government in developing HES requirements, perform risk reduction activities, develop a detailed concept design and cost estimate, and plan for payload development to take place during the later Implementation Phase.

BAE Systems’ team members include Northrop Grumman Space Technology, SSGPO and Space Dynamics Laboratory, a unit of Utah State University.

Following completion of the design framework, BAE Systems will compete for the Implementation Phase of the HES program.