Nastran from NASA on a PC

Engineering analysis software can be found in most industries which face stiff competition to come up with better products more quickly. Nastran is one of the `old hands’ in software terms, and engineers may be surprised to find out that one ex-NASA company has a fully functional version of Nastran for the PC. The software can be used for solving linear statics and random response to fluid/structure interaction problems.

Able to handle very large problems accurately, UAI/Nastran from Torrance, CA-based Universal Analytics, readily exchanges data with CAD systems and other analysis programs and supports the integration of proprietary applications.

An extremely useful part of the UAI/Nastran software is its multidisciplinary design optimisation capability-the result of over ten years research and development-allowing users to predict the behaviour of systems being designed, and model ways to improve system performance.

UAI/Nastran’s sensitivity algorithms have been highly refined to take advantage of advanced constraint screening algorithms and the extreme sparsity of the sensitivity matrices in order to improve the utilisation of the CPU, memory and disk.

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