National Instruments and MobileRobots Inc Collaborate on Foundation Technologies for the Robotics Industry

Combined Power of NI LabVIEW and MobileRobots Inc. Autonomous Bases Helps Speed Cost-Effective Service Robots to Market

June 23, 2009 – National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) has announced a collaboration that combines the ease of use and flexibility of NI LabVIEW graphical system design software and MobileRobots Inc’s MOBILEROBOTSindoors autonomous mobile platforms to help engineers rapidly deploy service robot applications. Engineers working on robotics applications are often challenged to assemble a solution from the myriad of software and hardware tools that offer niche functionality and limited or no integration with other platforms. The collaboration between National Instruments and MobileRobots Inc gives engineers a seamlessly integrated robotics development platform based on proven and robust technologies.

“The rapid growth of robotics applications has led to a fragmented landscape of niche software and hardware, and the future growth of these applications is dependent on the identification of a common architecture that can deliver robust functionality and open integration with other platforms,” said John Pasquarette, Vice President of Product Marketing for Software at National Instruments. “Collaborations like the one between National Instruments and MobileRobots Inc are a clear demonstration of how LabVIEW can provide that common architecture to help engineers simplify robotic design as well as integrate with other platforms for increased functionality.”

MOBILEROBOTSindoors is a general-purpose platform that helps non-programmers quickly customise and install autonomous robots for applications such as couriers, guides, kiosks and inspectors. The robots also offer easy interoperability with third-party vendor solutions. MOBILEROBOTSindoors technology is the basis for numerous robotics companies’ autonomous robotics solutions, and robots using this technology drive millions of kilometres each year in factories, hospitals and offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

LabVIEW delivers a sophisticated and robust graphical programming environment that makes it easy to add accessories, including manipulators, sensors and other task-specific components, to robots with MOBILEROBOTSindoors technology and to rapidly integrate these robots or robot fleets into an automation environment such as factories, clinical labs or facility security systems. LabVIEW simplifies application development by abstracting the underlying code, making it ideal for robotics engineers, who often have experience with mechanical or electrical engineering but limited or no software programming knowledge. With more than 20 years of NI R&D investment, LabVIEW also delivers powerful features that make it easy to add custom and advanced functionalities. The performance, ease of use and flexibility of LabVIEW have resulted in the software’s adoption in numerous applications, from robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery to spider robots used in lifesaving rescue missions.

The seamless integration between LabVIEW and MOBILEROBOTSindoors is made possible by a set of LabVIEW VIs, which are available at Using MobileRobots Inc’s TCP/IP-based protocol, engineers can connect to MobileRobots platforms and program them with LabVIEW to add custom capabilities such as speed and directional changes. Engineers can also use the VIs to take advantage of the Mobile SimBank at the MobileRobots headquarters to remotely test their simulations for both single robot designs and more complex fleet applications to reduce disruption when the robots are installed in a factory or other location.

“Engineers use MOBILEROBOTSindoors autonomy to keep from re-inventing the wheel and to jump-start solutions with tested foundation technology,” said MobileRobots Inc CEO and Cofounder Jeanne Dietsch, who will be speaking at the NIWeek 2009 Robotics Summit. “The combination of MOBILEROBOTSindoors and LabVIEW provides the industry with a complete set of core components and tools for quickly creating robotics applications. They also form the first general-purpose system designed to run robotics solutions from multiple vendors. The NI and MobileRobots Inc collaboration will benefit the service robot industry by slashing R&D costs for the vendor, lowering equipment costs for end users and making the return on investment from automation even greater.”

In addition to software customisation, the collaboration between the two companies makes it possible for engineers to add NI hardware such as NI CompactRIO, NI Single-Board RIO and NI Smart Cameras to MobileRobots intelligent mobile bases and autonomous navigation systems. Using NI hardware with the robots, engineers can add more complex manipulators and stereo vision.

Readers can visit to learn more about how LabVIEW is used in robotics applications. Readers can also see Dietsch speak about the future of robotics at NIWeek 2009, the world’s largest graphical system design conference and exhibition, August 4–6 in Austin, Texas, by registering at

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