Nazomi Communications sues ARM

CA-based Nazomi Communications has filed a patent infringement suit against UK-based embedded RISC microprocessor provider ARM. ARM has discounted the suit as frivolous.

Nazomi Communications has filed a patent infringement suit against ARM. The suit alleges that ARM’s acceleration technology and products for Java platforms are infringing on Nazomi’s US patent 6,332,215. Nazomi is seeking a permanent injunction against ARM precluding further infringement as well as unspecified damages.

The patent infringement suit was filed in the US Federal District Court for Northern California.

Nazomi’s US patent refers to a hardware Java accelerator that implements portions of the Java Virtual machine in hardware in order to accelerate the operation of the system on Java bytecodes. The combination of the Java hardware accelerator and a CPU provides an embedded solution which results in an inexpensive system to run Java programs for use in commercial applications.

For its part, ARM stated that it will vigorously defend itself against the patent infringement claims.

ARM said that it is confident that its products do not infringe the patent cited in the Nazomi lawsuit or any other Nazomi patents. ARM thoroughly investigated the Nazomi patent portfolio and developed its products in such a way that they would not infringe any Nazomi patents.

‘ARM performs extensive patent research during the development of its products,’ said Mike Muller, ARM’s CTO. ‘Having reviewed our technology, it is obvious that we don’t infringe the Nazomi patents.’

‘We are disappointed that Nazomi would embark upon such a frivolous course of action,’ said David MacKay, General Counsel of ARM.

‘We have been in discussion with Nazomi and have given them every opportunity to indicate the basis upon which they believe that an infringement may exist. We have every confidence that we shall prevail in this case and intend pursuing Nazomi for all legal costs incurred by ARM as a result of these premature and ill-conceived proceedings,’ he concluded.