NCT anniversary

UK engineering and risk management consultancy, ESR Technology, has announced the 40th anniversary of its National Centre of Tribology (NCT).

Tribology is the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

It includes the science of lubrication, friction, wear, reliability and performance of a range of industrial machines.

The Warrington-based NCT is made up of a team of engineers and scientists who specialise in subjects such as failure analysis, surface engineering, corrosion, wear, metallography, metallurgy, valves, pumps, seals, gears, bearings, lubrication, polymers and tribology.

According to ESR, the NCT has been the leading UK centre of expertise in tribology since 1968 and has worked with the industry to provide consultancy services on interactive surfaces.

Steve Gill, general manager of the NCT, said: ‘The NCT has produced in excess of 3,000 industrial reports since its formation.

‘We have worked in every sphere of human activity from deep sea to deep space and pretty much everything in between.’