NEC develops TFT colour LCD module

NEC Corporation has developed a high-resolution, 21.3-inch colour thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) module prototype with a digital interface and super-narrow frame.

The prototype provides 3.15 million pixels, 16.77 million colours and wide viewing angles, and is positioned to compete with over 20-inch conventional CRT monitors for high-end desktop monitor applications.

The prototype has a high-speed response time of 30 milliseconds and a170-degree viewing angle.

A digital interface LCD module enables the direct display of digital signal output from the host system without the need for analog/digital conversion as is required with conventional monitors. This eliminates potential signal errors and noise, as well as reduces system costs.

NEC already has a wide range of digital interface LCD modules including 14.1 and 15-inch XGA models, as well as 15.4, 18.1 and 20.1-inch SXGA models.

NEC expects to add the new 21.3-inch Quad XGA resolution module to the lineup by the end of the 2001.

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