NEC files patent infringement suits

NEC has initiated patent lawsuits against Harris Corporation, alleging that DMR equipment manufactured and sold by Harris Corporation and Harris Canada infringe 11 patents owned by NEC.

NEC Corporation has initiated patent infringement lawsuits against Harris Corporation in the US District Court for the Northern District of California and Harris Canada in the Federal Court of Canada. NEC is seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief for the alleged infringement.

NEC said in a statement that it ‘went to great lengths to negotiate with Harris and resolve this matter amicably, but without success. Accordingly, NEC was forced to take this action to protect its intellectual property rights.’

In the complaints, NEC alleges that DMR equipment such as MegaStarR155, Constellation, MicroStar, ClearBurst and TRuepoint, manufactured and sold by Harris Corporation and Harris Canada, infringe seven US patents and four Canadian counterpart patents owned by NEC.

These patents cover DMR techniques such as multi-level QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) modulators/demodulators, radio protection switching, base band interface, and microwave transmitters/receivers.

“Harris believes that NEC’s assertions and lawsuits are without merit, and the company will aggressively defend its position,” countered Gene Cavallucci, vice president and general counsel for Harris. “Harris has been a leading developer of microwave technology since 1958, and its intellectual property is a key asset in our leadership position.”