Need a transducer?

Bruel & Kjaer/ENDEVCO have introduced a new version of their free interactive Transducers and Conditioning Catalogue and Selection Guide CD-ROM.

The interactive CD-ROM has been designed to enable engineers to quickly browse or search the entire Bruel & Kjaer and ENDEVCO transducer range, which features as many as 500 different products.

Specific sections of the Guide cover acoustic transducers, vibration transducers, conditioning amplifiers, pressure transducers as well as customised products.

The Selection Guide provides an interactive step-by-step explanation on how to choose an appropriate product to meet an engineer’s specific measurement needs. The Guide suggests numerous tips and hints on how best to make a final selection.

An Educational section of the CD-ROM contains the complete Bruel & Kjaer/ENDEVCO Microphone Handbook plus a series of lectures and comprehensive information on the basics of acoustic transducers, vibration transducers and conditioning amplifiers along with a in-depth library of technical documents in Adobe Acrobat format.

The CD-ROM is optimised to operate on a Pentium PC running Windows(r) 95/98 or Windows NT(r) with 32MB RAM or better and a 4 x CD-ROM drive or better.

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