Networking and TV

TriQuint Semiconductor has introduced a series of products designed to meet the needs of optical networking manufacturers and the cable TV industry.

The TGA4819-SL is a large-signal linear modulator driver amplifier for high-speed optical networking applications. Offering more than 2x the gain (20dB) of typical linear driver solutions and 20dB of AGC range, the TGA4819-SL is suited for use in metro and long haul transponders as well as line cards. It has demonstrated the capability to deliver 10Vpp while maintaining output harmonic levels near -30dBc for a 2GHz fundamental. This surface mount Land Grid Array (LGA) packaged product consists of a wideband amplifier with on-chip power detector, plus off-chip bias circuitry and decoupling capacitors. The TGA4819-SL handles bit rates through 11.2Gb/s for optical Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) applications.

For its part, the TGA4817 is a 10Gb/sec transimpedance amplifier (TIA) suited for receive optical sub-assembly (ROSA) and metro optical network applications as well as other OC-192/STM-64 fibre optic systems. Its circuitry uses a proprietary design technique to simultaneously achieve excellent sensitivity and optical overload performance. The TGA4817 provides over 6000 Ohms of differential transimpedance and 9GHz bandwidth at 230mW power dissipation from a single plus +3.3V supply. The device has demonstrated greater than -20dBm sensitivity in testing and an optical overload in excess of plus 2.5dBm (less than 10e-12 BER, 9.95 Gb/s, 2 to the 31-1 PRBS).

Next up is the TGB2010, a series of low reflection Bessel low pass filters for high-speed optical networking applications in a range of 6 to 11GHz cutoff frequencies (available in 1GHz steps). Insertion loss and group delay for each filter matches an ideal third order Bessel filter, yet is also matched to 50 ohms, thus eliminating the need for additional components for multiple reflection management. The TGB2010 series chip size is less than 0.25×0.25mm allowing for easy insertion into multi-chip modules.

Lastly, the TGA2803 is a Gain Block/Transimpedance Amplifier for CATV distribution systems. The TGA2803 addresses many of the performance requirements of CATV systems: low distortions (CSO, CTB less than -70 dBc at 40dBmV output), high gain (20 dB), wide bandwidth (40MHz 1GHz), and low input referred noise (5pA/rtHz typical). The 75 ohm output TOI is nominally greater than 46dBm with NF 1.5dB. The TGA2803 is operated self-biased (single supply of plus 8V) and is available in a standard 4x4mm MLP (Micro-Leadframe Package). The TGA2803 is 100 percent DC and RF tested to ensure performance compliance.

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