New Active Pixel CMOS X-ray Flat Panel

Hamamatsu Photonics introduce the latest range of flat panel CMOS sensors for digital x-ray imaging applications. The C10013SK is a new “active pixel CMOS” image sensor offering very low readout noise compared to conventional flat panel devices. The C10013SK consists of one Megapixel x-ray imager, each pixel of 50 microns, giving a total x-ray sensitive size of around 3 inches.

Each separate pixel in the active pixel sensor has an individual CMOS amplifier providing extremely low noise readout of around an order of magnitude lower than the conventional “passive” type CMOS flat panel sensors. The new imager utilises a gadox scintillator deposited onto a fibre-optic plate, to provide an effective x-ray shield, giving both improved image quality and extended lifetime (in excess of 2 million Roentgen at 150 KVp is guaranteed).

The C10013SK can create high quality, true 12-bit digital video signals making it ideal for scientific x-ray imaging requiring very low noise. Applications include medical and industrial radiography operating in the 100 to 150 KV energy range. Hamamatsu also supplies a range of sealed and open type microfocus x-ray sources for high-resolution x-ray imaging applications.

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