New ATS unit offers constant output voltage

Advance Electronics has unveiled a brand new universal input constant voltage transformer that is said to produce a stable, uncorrupted voltage and frequency output regardless of the quality of the mains supply.

The ATS – Advance Three/Single – transformer is reportedly suited to three phase in, single phase out applications such as rail, military, commercial and medical environments, where the quality of the power supply is of critical importance. The ATS can also operate from more than one source of supply.

In situations where one of the input power supplies may not be reliable, the ATS unit can convert a variable quality power supply into a high quality, computer grade output. Unlike traditional CVT technology the ATS can produce a constant frequency output, and is unaffected by frequency variations on the input. Even the total loss of an input phase will not affect the output, according to Advance.

Because the ATS boasts all the key benefits of an uninterruptible power system, but without the costly, bulky and heavy battery technology, this makes the unit useful in situations where a conventional UPS is too large or expensive.

Moreover, the elimination of the battery stage means that users are freed from the maintenance burdens placed on them by UPS batteries, as well as the periodic need to source replacements. In addition the tried and tested technology of the ATS has a MTBF (mean time between failure) nearly 10 times that of a conventional UPS.

Over 95% of UPS usage relates to so-called brownouts – where the mains power is temporarily reduced but does not fail completely. The ATS is ideal for these situations, being capable of accepting an input voltage as low as 30% of nominal, while still producing a stable output voltage. Users can reportedly specify their preferred voltage and frequency at the time of order.

The advent of the new WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Engineering) directive is causing many organisations to assess the likely increased end of life costs associated with the safe disposal of UPS batteries. Because the ATS from does not feature auxiliary battery power, the unit can reduce total cost of ownership while providing a stable three phase in, single phase out power supply. This makes the ATS a highly cost effective solution for any company requiring the ultimate stable power output, but without the need for back up battery support.

‘The ATS unit is the answer to the dilemma of how to reconcile a low total cost of ownership with the need for a high quality three phase in, single phase out power supply,’ commented Nathan Briggs, Managing Director of Advance Electronics. ‘For organisations not requiring battery back up, our ATS offers a far higher price/performance ratio than competitor solutions, while providing a longer design life and lower maintenance costs.’

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