New boots prevent mine detonation

Defense Industries International, Inc today announced the introduction of new minefield safety shoes that allow wearers to safely walk through a minefield without triggering pressure-sensitive fuses.

Defense Industries International, Inc, a manufacturer of personal military and civilian protective equipment and supplies, today announced the introduction of minefield safety shoes.

The shoes are patented in the United States and patent pending in Europe. They consist of pneumatic platforms that are said to attach quickly and easily to a wearer’s boots, redistributing body weight and decreasing the pressure exerted on each unit of ground covered.

Preliminary tests have reportedly shown that the alleviation of concentrated pressure through the redistribution of body weight allows the wearer to safely walk through a minefield without triggering pressure-sensitive fuses. The design and construction of the shoes provides for even weight distribution and effective protection regardless of terrain.

Built-in compressed air cylinders enable automatic inflation of the platforms, while a specially designed mouthpiece allows the platforms to be inflated manually if needed. The two-layer, multi-chamber construction of the pneumatic platforms allows for continued use in the event that a sharp object damages one or more air chambers.

Defense Industries’ minefield shoes are currently undergoing testing and analysis by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and a non-governmental agency. The company expects to receive the results of these independent evaluations during 2004, with sales expected to commence shortly afterwards.

‘Despite a concentrated global effort during the last several years to stop the proliferation of landmines, it is estimated by the United Nations that there are currently between 60 and 70 million active mines throughout the world, and that as many as 26,000 civilians are killed or injured by landmines each year,’ said Joseph Fostbinder, Chairman and CEO of Defense Industries.