New capabilities for prism 200

Cambridge Consultants has developed a remote laptop application for its prism 200 product, a through-wall radar that locates people in dangerous, high-risk situations.

The new laptop application will enable remote monitoring and data recording to take place, requiring only a sole operative or robot to deploy prism 200. Cambridge Consultants believes this application will improve safety and discretion in surveillance exercises when managing hostage situations or when searching a building for criminals or terrorists.

Prism 200 communicates using transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), enabling information to be monitored from a laptop computer and potentially anywhere in the world via the internet.

The new application enables a remote computer to be linked via a network cable or wireless link. Police, special forces, security services or emergency services can then review the 3D information created by prism 200 from a safer, more distant location.

Prism 200 uses high-powered signal processing to provide the intelligence it gathers in real time on the equipment’s display, which is immediately replicated on the display of a computer using the new laptop application

‘Our new application removes the need for a team to be in close proximity when using prism 200 and so reduces the chance of detection in surveillance or hostage situations,’ said Alan Wiltshire, prism 200 programme manager for Cambridge Consultants. ‘The additional data recording capability can be used to collect information for use in post-mission debriefing or for training purposes. During a recent training course for the police it became clear that the capability would also be used for evidential purposes.’

The laptop application also provides new methods of display with the capability to historically track the movements of suspects as they move around a room and it can provide further intelligence on the situation in the room.