New CH Pipe-Clip Thermal Sensors from SeMitec

One of SeMitec’s newest products is the CH series pipe-clip thermal sensor.

The CH sensor enables you to accurately and quickly sense water temperature from the outside of a metal pipe.  The sensor simply fastens over the pipe and is held in place by a stainless-steel clip.  This keeps the NTC sensor firmly against the pipe surface and thus ensures a fast thermal response and accurate temperature control.

The CH sensor avoids users having to drill holes in water pipes or making special couplings for conventional probe sensors.  For ease of maintenance, the CH sensor can be simply unclipped and replaced with another without needing to drain the water system.

The main features of the CH sensor are:

Simple to Use/Install  – Clips onto Pipe (diameters from 12-22mm)
Fast Response   – Time Constant <1second
Accuracy    – +/-1K tolerance at 85deg.C
R25/B Values  – Various combinations available
Price     – Cost-effective compared with existing pipe sensors

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