New circuit-breakers for rated currents up to 1600A

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley 140L Series circuit breaker, extending its range up to 1600 A.

Available with conventional or electronic microprocessor based protection, it provides a solution to a wide range of power distribution applications in industrial plant and large buildings.

Rated from 10 to 1600 A, the 140L is available as a three or four-pole circuit breaker, in nine different frame sizes. It can be used as a Switch/Disconnector or supplied with ‘Eco’, ‘Standard’ and ‘High Performance’ trip characteristics.

The ‘Eco’ version features a fixed magnetic and fixed thermal trip to provide the most cost effective solution. The ‘Standard’ version has an adjustable thermal and fixed magnetic trip and is suitable for applications where protection is required at currents less than the rating of the circuit breaker. ‘High performance’ circuit breakers are available in thermal-magnetic or electronic protection versions, with a breaking capacity up to 100 kA at 400 V.

The thermal magnetic unit provides an adjustable thermal and fixed magnetic trip, whilst the electronic version offers a fully adjustable long time delay, short time delay and instantaneous release, offering full selectivity for the users system.

Both versions provide effective protection against events on the load side, but the electronic version enables the operating characteristic of the circuit breaker to be matched against the requirements of more complex installations.

The accuracy and discrimination of the Allen-Bradley 140L operating characteristics conform to EN 60947-2 whilst the requirements for separation and disconnection are fulfilled to IEC/EN60204-1.

140L circuit breakers offer the installer a choice of mounting methods for different enclosure styles. They can be front or rear mounted, or quickly adapted to be wired from the front or back, plugged into base sockets or fitted into racks.

Flexibility of mounting is provided by a wide range of mechanical accessories, including interlock kits, door mounted operating handles and extension kits. Electrical accessories include auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, shunt and undervoltage releases, allowing the units to be customised to suit individual applications.

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