New Compact Control Solution from Rittal

Rittal’s new Compact Medium (CM) enclosure system offers many different options and benefits for interior installation, including rapid and easy attachment of the mounting plate single-handed.

A fully populated plate can be very heavy and usually requires one person to hold it into position whilst the other secures the plate with the screw fasteners. With Rittal’s CM enclosure the mounting plate is securely inserted into a plastic base at the bottom and simply secured at the top with clips, leaving both hands free for screw fastening the threaded studs in all four corners. In order to remove the mounting plate a lever is provided to release the plate safely from the clips.

Combining the case benefits of the AE compact enclosure with the installation diversity of the enclosure system TS 8, other key benefits of Rittal’s new CM enclosure system include more space, more stability and more scope for cable entry.

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