The latest addition to the proven family of Datron high-speed machining centres is the new M75 which, at around £ 35,000 is an entry-level machine for applications as diverse as rapid prototyping, jewelry, foiling and embossing dies, fascias, control panels, PCBs and precision engraving.

Built with their trademark granite table – offering the highest precision, stability and robustness – the Datron M75 is equipped with a 1.2kW spindle capable of operating up to speeds of 30,000 rpm.  The same design principles have also been applied to the M75 with the impressive 520 x 650 x 240mm worktable within an exceptionally small 1300mm square machine footprint. A 10-position self-tool changer with tool length sensor completes the full package of the M75.

An optional probe – either Datron or Renishaw – can be fitted at extra cost, depending on the purchaser’s requirements. In operation, the fast-acting probe will automatically swing down as programmed, without the need to clear the tool out of the way. A full tooling package is also available from Datron but the M75 is also compatible with other reputable tooling.

At high speeds, robustness and stability is vital during the cutting process and vibration can be problematic. Datron have overcome this by not only incorporating a granite table into the M75 but also developing their unique matrix cone clamping system which ensures that fixtures are located quickly and accurately every time. This provides substantial reductions in set-up time as well as the flexibility to be able to take off one job and put another on if priorities require, with no loss of accuracy because of the location system. Cycle times are also appreciably shortened.

Providing powerful control and fast cutting capability over 6 axes, the M75 shows its versatility, for example, by being able to engrave over a curve, such as a pump housing or cylinder.  It is extremely quiet in operation and is equally efficient cutting ureol, CFRP or acrylics as well as stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and the harder metals.

Driven by compatible Windows XP, it is a highly user-friendly machine and provides quick, responsive intuitive control and programming from the keyboard and mouse-operated integrated workstation. Familiarity with CNC control is therefore not a prerequisite.

Being single phase, the M75 is easy to install, and Datron Technology provides full commissioning and comprehensive training. As part of their after-sales service, a full range of spares are available and as well as the usual 1 year guarantee offer an annual service programme.

Datron Technology, based in Milton Keynes, was established in 1990 and is totally focused on the comprehensive range of Datron CNC multi-axis high speed machining centres and associated tooling. Their track-record and high level of expertise ensures that they are able to advise on the purchase of the most suitable machine for both immediate and future applications, so that the ROI and payback targets are optimised by the purchaser.

For more information please contact the Sales Office at Datron Technology on 01908 261655 or visit

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