New Endress+Hauser Orbipore redox sensor Designed for heavy duty applications

For the special requirements of applications involving heavily polluted media and a high content of suspended solids across a wide range of industries, Endress+Hauser designed the new Orbipore CPS92/92D sensor for redox measurement.

Robust and reliable, CPS92/92D is particularly suitable for applications such as slurries, precipitates and lime dosing. Thanks to its open aperture, it eliminates the risk of being clogged by solids that would otherwise block the diaphragm in a very short time. It can withstand pressures up to 13 bar and temperatures up to 110°C. With a short response time due to its platinum contact surface and a redox measuring range from -1500 to 1500mV, the new Orbipore offers increased reliability and application flexibility.

The sensor benefits from a stabilised gel filling, which requires low-maintenance and offers a long service life. Additionally, the platinum cap allows improved self-cleaning in agitated process media making it even less maintenance-intensive.

Maximum process safety
The inductive plug-in connection of CPS92D eliminates the risk of moisture ingress and corrosion and associated signal distortion. What’s more, the digital signal transmission and intrinsically safe electronics ensure data safety.

Benefiting from  Memosens technology, CPS92D can record data such as sensor properties and history and manufacturing data and use it as a basis for predictive maintenance. In addition, the sensors can be pre-calibrated under optimum conditions away from the measuring point, eliminating the problems associated with difficult-to-access measuring points.

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