New filling process cuts cost

Multi-positional control of pneumatic actuators does away with overfilling

The use of simplified closed-loop servo pneumatic positioning technology can cut wastage and costs in the volumetric filling process.

Festo claims that its new 32-bit servo-pneumatic positioning controller is ideal for a process that demands precise control for drawing and dispensing fluids without splashing, foaming or unwanted aeration. The SPC200 employs closed-loop positional feedback with velocity profiling for differential speed and acceleration, allowing fine multi-positional control of standard pneumatic actuators.

The system has the ability to draw and dispense accurate volumes of material at defined velocities by directly driving the pump mechanism with the actuator, and also the option of withdrawing the entire dispensing head and nozzle from the container as liquid is deposited.

To guarantee that at least the stated minimum weight of product is dispensed, most systems overfill by a small percentage, and over time this becomes a costly waste.

The Festo solution uses a pump-style piston assembly which draws product from a hopper or header tank, switches a valve to redirect the flow path, then dispenses it through nozzles into containers on a process line.

Using a PC or PLC to control the unit allows feedback from an in-line weighing system to make automatic on-the-fly dispensing adjustments. Each head can be independently driven and controlled to ensure a perfect fill with negligible wastage.

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