New from EMS: Quickshaft Linear DC Servomotor

MINIMOTOR part of the worldwide FAULHABER Group, have always been at the leading edge of new technologies in miniature drive techniques. The demand from the market place and the Minimotor philosophy of customer orientated solutions for miniaturization has led to the development of a unique new series of small linear motors to satisfy High-Tech applications in the medical and industrial sectors. The newly developed Linear DC-Servomotor series LM 1247 responds to this demand, with dimensions as small as 12,5 x 47 mm and a weight of merely 56 g. This actuator can produce a peak force of up to 9,4 N at full power with standard stroke lengths of 20 mm and 80mm.

The Linear DC-Servomotor consists of a non-magnetic metal alloy casing (stator) with built-in coil and analogue Hall sensors. The high precision metal cylinder filled with permanent magnets moves concentrically inside the stator resulting in a miniature linear motor with a powerful, dynamic performance.

Precise control of this new linear motor is achieved with the optimised Motion Controller series MCLM 3003/06, also available with CAN interface, resulting in an acceleration of 175 m/s ², speeds up to 2.7m/ s and positional repeatability of 40 microns. The controller is extremely versatile and user friendly in combination with the freely available Motion Manager software.

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