New Ideas

SDRC has launched I-DEAS 8m3, an enhancement to its I-DEAS mechanical design automation software.

For starters, there is a new customisable user interface compatible with Microsoft Windows. I-DEAS 8m3 offers the user the option of customising the icon layout and pull-down menus to suit user, company, or process specific needs.

Next, the new software integrates I-DEAS Freeform, formerly known as the Imageware products, for complex free-form design, manufacturing and inspection capability.

In addition, enhancements have been made to I-DEAS capabilities for part modelling, assembly modelling, simulation pre- and post-processing and FEA solution solvers. Manufacturing enhancements include improvements for mould design and NC toolpath creation.

I-DEAS 8m3 also includes support for I-DEAS Enterprise release 1.5, planned for release in July, 2001.

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