Reduce project and operating costs

With the launch of PETS 99, Quillion Systems says its software offers greater potential to reduce maintenance costs on projects, providing true lifecycle asset data management (ADM). PETS 99 can manage the data associated with an asset over entire lifecycle, which could be 25 years or more. With its `plug and play’ design, PETS 99 can accept and distribute data in any format, making it easy for users to access data from and transfer data to any application linked to PETS without loss of vital data.

Quillion Systems Tel: 01223 421175

UNIX to get OpenGL acceleration

Silicon Graphics has released GLX source code into the Open Source community, setting the stage for OpenGL API hardware acceleration on Linus and other platforms based on UNIX. Silicon Graphics is working with Red Hat Software and Precision Insight to enhance the GLX source code for use with XFree86 – a freely redistributable implementation of the X Window System that runs on Linus and UNIX-like operating systems. In addition, Precision Insight will create a software framework for building accelerated 3D drivers, from which XFree86 developers and hardware vendors can build drivers for specific graphics boards. This will enable high quality, high performance 3D graphics using OpenGL.

Silicon Graphics Tel: 0118 925 7500

Dedicated 3D web navigation device

LogiCad3D has announced a 3D web navigation device called Cyberpuck. Combining proven space technology with Java based 3D viewer software, this device will allow multiple users to simultaneously meet and interact with each other in a virtual environment.

LogiCad3D Tel: +49 89895 2950