New Intel processors really rock!

Targeted at the server marketplace, the new Intel Xeon processor is the first to feature the company’s ‘Hyper-Threading’ technology.

In addition to the processor, Intel also introduced a supporting chipset – the Intel E7500 -that, it claims, will boost system performance 80% over existing Intel-based platforms.

‘Hyper-Threading’ technology allows an operating system to view a single physical processor as if it were two logical processors, increasing server response time, transactions and workload performance. To accomplish this, processors enabled with Hyper-Threading technology manage incoming data from two different instruction threads.

Initial tests have shown that Hyper-Threading technology can significantly improve the number of simultaneous Web transactions and users that servers can handle. The technology can increase the speed and quality of multitasking capabilities for server users who run unique applications simultaneously.

The Intel Xeon processor family is available at frequencies of 2.2, 2 and 1.8 GHz.

The Intel Xeon processor with 512 KB level two Advanced Transfer Cache is priced at $615 in 1,000-unit quantities for 2.20 GHz, $417 for 2 GHz and $251 for 1.80 GHz.

The Intel E7500 chipset is priced at $92 in 1,000-unit quantities in minimum configuration and $132 in 1,000 unit quantities in maximum configuration.

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