New life for old fibre

Marconi and Telecom Italia have successfully implemented a dense wavelength division multiplexing transmission scheme over dispersion-shifted fibre.

The introduction of the technology started three months ago on Telecom Italia’s backbone link between Florence and Rome.

‘Operators can now deploy advanced DWDM technology over fibre that has been installed for up to 15 years, previously considered unsuitable for high-capacity transmission,’ said Lorenzo Costagli, VP SDH Development in Marconi.

‘As demand for broader capacity in our network evolved, we looked at deploying DWDM technology. We successfully tested the Marconi PLT40 wide band solution, which also uses L-Band techniques and Raman amplification on our network. Marconi’s solution allows us to double the transmission capacity of our NZD fibre (G.655) backbone infrastructure,’ said Sandro Dionisi, Head of Access and Transmission Infrastructure at Telecom Italia.

The Marconi system, PLx40/80 L-Band, designed to support a total capacity of 800Gb/s on DSF fibre (G.653), presently supports 40 channels at 10Gb/s. The architecture, derived from the PLx40/80/160 solution for applications on G.652/G.655 fibre, is using L-Band technology and Raman amplification.

Future planned developments are to double the capacity of this technique to 80 channels at 10Gbit/s.

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