New Lift Concept From Otis

Gen2 from Otis is a global lift product for low and medium-rise buildings, that it’s developer claims, is founded on the first major breakthrough in lift technology in nearly 150 years.

Chief among Gen2’s technical innovations is the first ever use of flat, coated steel belts to hoist the lift car. Gen2’s flat, coated steel belts are comprised of twelve woven high tensile steel strands encased in a black polyurethane sleeve. They are quieter, lighter and last two to three times longer than traditional, heavy steel ropes. Each belt can lift 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg), and the Gen2 system uses a minimum of three belts per lift – enough to lift 160 people weighing 150 pounds (68kg) each. The Gen2 system was developed to a 12x safety factor – to lift safely 12 times the weight ever required of it.

The belts easily bend around a sheave only 4 inches in diameter (100mm), approximately 20% the size required by current steel rope technology. This compact sheave is integrated into a gearless machine so small that it fits inside the lift shaft or hoistway.

Otis has also achieved significant reductions in the size of the Gen2 controller and drive mechanisms, enabling them to be installed inside the hoistway.

At the centre of Gen2’s communications system is Otis’ remote elevator monitoring system which provides computer-base diagnostics and performance measurements. Data, tracked by Otis engineers, provides indicators of lift performance, alerting Otis to minor equipment problems before they can cause a malfunction or shutdown.

Gen2 will be initially offered in eight and thirteen passenger models, with vertical speeds up to 1.6 meters per second, and will be available for buildings between two and twenty stories in height.

These ranges cover most of the new lifts sold each year, and Otis plan to extend the duty range to sizes adequate for taller buildings in the year to come. Ultimately, Gen2 lifts will provide 90% market coverage

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