New lightweight POP® ProSet® 2500 Rivet Tool delivers heavyweight rivet setting power

The world leader in blind rivet technology has expanded its POP brand tool product line to include a new lightweight tool featuring unique ergonomic design and the ability to set all 3, 4, 5 and 6 size rivets, including high strength and stainless steel.

Emhart Teknologies has announced the launch of the new POP® ProSet® 2500 Rivet Tool. Designed specifically to set all 3, 4, 5 and 6 (2.4mm – 5.0mm) size blind rivets, including high strength and stainless steel, this new tool delivers 9.1 kN of pulling force at 6 bar, giving a class-leading force-to-weight ratio of 7 kN / kg.

The ProSet® 2500 rivet tool is the latest member of the POP® power rivet tool family and continues Emhart Teknologies’ ongoing effort to provide high performance, lightweight, easy to maintain fastening installation tools.  The 2500 weighs only 1.30 kg with the Mandrel Collection System (MCS) and 1.20 kg without, yet can set any rivet up to 5.0 mm. It is only 290mm long and 259mm high and has a stroke of 18mm to ensure the setting of most rivets with one pull of the trigger.

The ProSet® 2500 also scores well on ergonomics with a strong yet lightweight polymer handle, a comfortable two-finger, low activation force trigger, a rounded grip and a directional air exhaust to keep air away from the user.

The tool also features a patented quick-disconnect Nose Housing and Jaw Case that allow for quick and easy jaw cleaning and front end maintenance.  The Mandrel Collector is also quick-release using a bayonet fitting and has an air-isolation safety switch that shuts off the vacuum when the collector is disconnected.   The tough cast-aluminium intensifier chamber and tool body are designed to prevent damage and enhance the life of the tool.  Other features include the left or right 90° swivel air fitting that enables the tool to be adapted to virtually any workstation configuration, a quick action “on/off” air switch to minimise air consumption and a sprung return stroke which ensures fast and reliable setting cycles.  An extended 140mm front end is also available for extra reach in special setting situations.

The ProSet® 2500 is compatible with many of Emhart Teknologies’ automation systems including the remote Mandrel Collection System (MCS) and the POP® Rivet Presenter (RP). In 2008 it will be made compatible with the state-of-the-art SmartSet® integrated process monitoring system.

SmartSet® process monitoring system “reads” the force/time curve during the installation of POP® blind rivets. A controller detects correct installations and signals a warning system if an operator or application default error is detected. Correct installation and fault occurrence data can be uploaded or automatically fed into a computer system for analysis.

The new ProSet® 2500 is among the most powerful lightweight rivet setting tools in the world today. It represents a major advance that sets a new standard in design and functionality which translate into longer life and lower rivet setting costs for users.

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