New: Online pinout configurator: “QuickPin 2.0”

For many years now, igus® has been using the Internet to distribute and support its products globally. What started on a small scale about ten years ago has rapidly developed into an extensive online range. Today, the online shop comprises of around 80,000 different products with access to information and ordering that is currently available in 16 languages, catering for international customers.

The ability of customers to easily configure energy chains, bearings or cables for themselves is only one of the many helpful internet tools the polymer technology specialist igus® is providing. The new online pinout configurator “QuickPin 2.0”, for example, can be used to configure cables/connectors online, request the price (including copper surcharge), order directly and generate an ePLAN electric P8 macro free of charge for every cable. The whole process takes only a few minutes. Accessories can be chosen from more than 850 “Chainflex” cables and 3,000 plug components. Another useful tool is the online product configurator for energy chains. Alongside 3D CAD data, users can download Excel spreadsheet part lists directly, and place orders through the shopping basket function simultaneously. The new improved shopping basket, with intuitive user guidance, enables customers to get to the inquiry or order in only five easy steps.

Webshop with 80,000 products
“Many of our customers use the web shop as a source of information as well, of course,” says Justin Leonard, responsible for electronic media at igus®. “But since the possibility of requesting prices has been introduced in the online shop, the number of orders received through the internet has increased significantly.” The internet is not being treated as a replacement for sales engineers or printed catalogues, of course. “We still distribute significant quantities of our printed catalogues.” Yet a major advantage of the web shop is that it makes comparisons between different products much easier. In future, the product configuration services are to be expanded even further, and price information be provided for all products.




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