New optical sensor

A new reflective optical sensor capable of detecting objects at operating distances of up to 40mm was announced recently by Vishay Intertechnology.

The surface-mount TCND5000 reflective sensor, which includes an IR emitter and PIN photodiode in a single package, is said to be well suited for use in object presence sensors, touch sensors, and proximity sensors in a broad range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

With operating distances ranging from 2mm to 40mm, Vishay says the sensor offers designers a compact solution for enhancing the performance of electronic systems such as cell phones, in which the device compensates for the proximity of the user’s ear and adjusts the volume of the speakerphone function accordingly.

The new sensor is designed with precisely positioned optical components. The TCND5000 device combines an IR emitter as the source and a photo diode as the receiver for the touch/proximity signal. The optical axes of the emitter and detector are parallel aligned for optimised reflective operation.

The sensor’s IR emitter features an operating wavelength of 950nm, while a 950nm IR bandpass filter eliminates interference from daylight. An optical barrier between the emitter and detector reduces crosstalk to very low levels.

Dimensions of each TCND5000 sensor are 6.0mm by 3.76mm with a height profile of 3.9mm. These RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances)- and WEEE-compliant devices meet JEDEC Level 4 standards and are available in a lead-free, surface-mount-style package.

The new sensors are designed for IR reflow soldering with a peak temperature of 260 degrees C and are suitable for lead-free solder processes.

Delivered in tape-and-reel packaging, samples and production quantities of the new TCND5000 optical sensor are available now with lead times of 12 weeks for larger orders.

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