New process imager for thin sheet plastics temperatures

Land Instruments International has developed a new high-speed infrared linescanner system to measure process temperatures during the thermoforming, blowing, moulding and drawing of thin sheet plastics.

The temperature of thin sheet plastics is difficult to measure because the material is highly transparent over much of the infrared spectrum, and the wavelength at which measurements can be made varies according to the type and the thickness of the plastic.

Land has developed a solution to these problems with the new Landscan Pro LSP71 system, which has been designed to take accurate and reliable readings at an appropriate wavelength for, amongst others, PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, PET, cellulose acetate and polystryrene.

The LSP71 linescanner head is said to be extremely compact in both depth and ‘footprint’ so that it can be installed in the restricted spaces often encountered on plastic thermoforming lines, such as the narrow gap between heater and press.

The scanner can generate temperature profiles in the measurement range 50 to 350 degrees C at scan rates up to 100Hz, and at a resolution many times greater than competing products. Scan angle is 80 degrees, with a 100:1 field of view (95% energy) and a focus range up to 3000mm/118in.

The output from the LSP71 linescanner head is transmitted to the new Landscan Control signal processor, which provides serial and Ethernet data outputs that can be interfaced to local process control systems, or to Land’s own software, Landscan Configuration Professional or Landscan WCA.