Cam levers just got more comfortable to use with this new LAC range from Elesa. The company, known for its advanced thinking in standard machine elements, has created a safe and comfortable grip as well as an elegant design and easy to use knurled adjustment. Given their application which is often on display and with frequent use, these are factors which are important to all types of equipment from quick assembly systems to temporary placement jigs or workpieces. Typically these may be on vehicles, conveyors, machines, stands or indeed wherever a quick and solid clamp action is needed.

The LAC version offers a threaded hole for use over a pre-installed stud whereas the LAC-R has its own adjustable stud assembly. Both types offer quick re-setting to adapt for optimum clamping force and speed of use, they both benefit from carefully designed gloss reinforced technopolymer handles to maximise comfort and efficiency of manual use. Further information on Elesa (UK) Ltd products may be found at

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