New programmable controller for thickness and coplanarity measurement

Micro-Epsilon has launched a powerful, flexible programmable controller that enables the real time processing (up to 100kHz) of up to six input and output signals from the company’s displacement sensors.

The controller is ideal for thickness, height, roundness, flatness or coplanarity measurements, where signals from multiple displacement sensors need to be synchronised and processed in real time. All processing is carried out internally by Micro-Epsilon’s in-house developed electronics unit.

The new CSP2008 universal controller is able to process up to six digital or analogue input signals: two internal (via the front panel), plus four external signals via plug-in Ethercat modules. Ethercat can also be used as an external interface for connecting further sensors and I/O modules.

The controller’s unique, simple to use, intuitive interface enables the user to configure the unit via a PC or laptop using the Ethernet interface. All user-selectable functions on the controller and measured values can be viewed, displayed and stored in real time via the user’s own web browser, without having to install any third party software. Alternatively, simple configuration can be carried out using ASCII commands via the RS422 interface.

Automatic sensor recognition means that sensor connection is straightforward and fast. Sensors can be configured using buttons via the front panel and displayed on the controller or via a laptop. The CSP2008 is even upgradeable, with users able to use additional I/O modules for specific applications.

Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon (UK) Ltd comments: “The CSP2008 is really a breakthrough in calculating differential measurements very simply, without complex calibration or PLC programming. Previously, the user would need a PLC or even a PC to calculate these types of measurements. This added complexity and necessitated having to write a user-specific programme. Using the CSP2008 saves time, money and software development – it’s all pre-configured and ready to go!”

The controller has a 52mm x 30mm, high luminance, colour graphics display, which enables measured values to be read easily from a distance of up to two metres. Mounting is also straightforward using DIN rail TS 35.

The controller is also compact and lightweight, measuring approximately 146 x 97 x 70mm at a weight of just 500g. The unit is protected to IP40 and can operate from 0 to 50 deg C.

For more information on Micro-Epsilon’s CSP2008 controller, please call the sales department on 0151 355 6070 or email:

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