New castors from Elesa in their RE series address the mainstream of industrial uses
from medical equipment through to electronics, storage and manufacturing.

The range features twin ball race chassis in swivel and total lock variants, as well as fixed types. Twin race being particularly beneficial in minimising the effort required to align the castor in moving away from rest. Standard wheel configurations depend upon application with heavy duty polyurethane moulded onto cast aluminium cores and roller bearing axles at the top end through polyurethane over technopolymer, monolithic polyamide, to non-marking thermoplastic rubber or vulcanised rubber and plain bearing axles.

The RE.C7 type featuring grey anti marking tyres and axle thread guards for use in public access areas such as tiled corridors etc where floor appearance is a concern and where clothing debris is otherwise able to foul the castor axle.

The RE series ranges in wheel size from 50mm up to 200mm with static load capabilities of 1000N to 10,OOON equating to maximum load capacities up to and exceeding 750kg on the most rugged RE.F5 castor. Surfaces catered for include smooth tiles to asphalt or cement floors while the G1 series can even accommodate expanded metal floors as found in the frequent washdown areas of food processing etc. RE.C7 and REIFF types are available in stainless steel chassis versions to suit adverse conditions. Temperature capability for RE castors is ¬20°C to +80°C. Further information on Elesa (UK) Ltd products may be found at

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