New resin raises quality in stereolithography applications

3D Systems has launched a new material, Cibatool SL7540, which will create parts that mimic end-use plastics in stereolithography (SLA) applications. The cost-effective resin can be used by the company’s SLA 3500, 5000 and 7000 systems and enables users to move quickly from 3D designs to high quality, functional finished parts.

Developed jointly with Ciba Speciality Chemicals, SL7540 has been formulated to provide durability and accuracy, even when worked at high speeds. The resulting resin exhibits mechanical properties similar to those offered by popular thermoplastics.

Parts created using the resin have the flexibility to withstand the rigours of functional testing and, in the majority of cases, the need for interim steps such as bridge tooling can be eliminated. In addition, the resilience of the new material means that models can be drilled, threaded, machined and polished, allowing users to test and demonstrate a full functioning part.

The durability of SL7540 also makes it suitable for mould making applications. Master patterns built using the resin are capable of producing multiple moulds, even for demanding projects involving complex patterns, thin part walls, or elevated process temperature. Consequently, prototypes can be tested rigorously while maintaining the integrity of the part geometry.

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