New ring to seals

Economos is pushing its Ecopur range of polyurethanes as an alternative to nitrile rubber in the manufacture of pneumatic seals.

Cylinders, valves, control equipment and other devices currently use seals of a standard design and made from nitrile-butadiene rubber.

Polyurethane may be more costly than NBR but Economos believes that Ecopur is a cost-effective alternative in specialist pneumatic seal applications; especially where there is a need for lower friction properties, more extended life-span or for non-standard sizes.

Versatile and durable, polyurethane’s are widely used in a range of seal applications.

Economos believes Ecopur seals will be best suited on specialist manufacturing operations, such as dry air applications, where stringent compliance to regulations must be observed; environments that experience extreme temperature changes or where friction resistance and long-life requirements are a requisite quality.

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